Raquel Fatiuk

Raquel Fatiuk specializes in numerous fields, including music, photography, event coordination and modeling. She is an event coordinator for a James Beard nominated restaurant in Houston and she was a professional opera singer for many years having trained at the Hartt School and the San Francisco Conservatory.

After winning the titles of Mrs. Texas United States 2016 (2nd runner up for Mrs. United States 2016) and Ms. Texas United States 2018 (1st runner up for Ms. United States 2018), Raquel decided to become a director of the Miss Texas United States pageant with her best friend Brittney Bates. Raquel learned so much through pageantry that shaped her into the woman she is today and wants to help others do the same.

As a survivor of sexual assault, Raquel is a dedicated advocate for other survivors. She is a survivor’s advocate for the Houston Area Women’s Center and volunteers as a member of RAINN’s Speakers Bureau. She is seeking to change the narrative of “victim blaming” that has become so prevalent in society and aims to educate the public about the realities of sexual assault by shifting the blame from survivors to where it belongs — on the perpetrators.

Brittney Bates

Brittney Bates is Mrs. Texas United States 2018 and director/co-owner of the Miss Texas United States Pageant with her best friend Raquel Fatiuk. Brittney is an advocate for women and children where she spends most of her time volunteering for The Montgomery County Women’s Center. In fact, Brittney was chosen by The Montgomery County Women’s Center as its Women of Distinction for 2019.

Brittney and her husband Zachary reside in The Woodlands, Texas where she is a Business Development Manager for Veritas Title.

When she isn’t working, directing the pageant or working out, Brittney enjoys spending time being an aunt and attending car shows with her husband. Brittney is a dog mom to a beautiful Tamaskan who loves to take long naps and cuddle. Brittney is also a podcaster and YouTuber where she covers pageants, fitness and all things family!